Become a Teacher!

We receive requests for classes ALL THE TIME from our local community for a variety of art classes. There is a huge need you can fulfill by joining us, and you can find a little extra cash while you do it! Have you been working on your art for years? Do you feel that you could teach it to others?


For just a small fee, you can rent our space for a set hour a week.

Teach as many students as you want and charge what you want.

Teachers are not limited to only one class per week; teaching fees automatically include becoming an annual member with your first payment! (Teachers who choose to work with minors will be required to undergo a background check.) 

Already have a class and don't want to rent our space? Become an annual member and we will advertise it for you! 


Simply fill out the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your class. (This may take up to two weeks.) Make sure you tell us what kind of art you are teaching and for whom in the Subject line! 

(For example: Teaching Oils to Children 8-10.)

Thanks! Message sent.