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Frederick explores the nature of work and the importance of community. It also introduces the concept of collectivism.

Frederick is a dreamer. While all of the other mice scurry about and prepare for the long winter ahead, Frederick prepares in his own special way.


Touring Now to your Southern Indiana school or organization. “Frederick” is a musical adaptation of the picture book by Leo Lionni, featuring a roots-flavored country and folk-infused score. It’s summertime in the meadow, and Frederick and his friends in the mouse commune gather to enjoy the start of another glorious day. Together they sing and play games without a care in the world. As summer quickly turns to fall, they each set about collecting supplies for the cold winter that lies ahead. All except Frederick, or so it would seem. Frederick seemingly has his head in the clouds, thoughtfully observing the world around him. But when the darkest days of winter finally arrive and the mice have exhausted their supplies, and worn thin their stories and games, it is Frederick who has stored up something special to help save the day.

Book by Suzanne Maynard Miller Music and Lyrics by Sarah Durkee and Paul Jacobs Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC, of Woodstock, Illinois

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