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Art on the Move

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This is a non-profit program, which brings the tools of imagination to further support the community and artists. We are able to provide enriching experiences in all corners of our community, including schools, assisted living facilities, children's clubs, and other organizations. No matter the age or ability, we have a program for you.
We have three programs that cover the whole spectrum, from Playtime, Unstoppable, to Golden.


Playtime is our program catering to children of all ages. We have many fun, educational options to choose from. Our goal is to provide an immersive experience at no cost to your organization. The Arts Alliance will come to your location and provide age-appropriate activities for your youth audience!
“The Art on the Move initiative by the Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana takes art to the community, meeting them where they are, including schools, assisted living facilities, children's clubs, and other organizations. We had a kick-off celebration on Aug. 29th at Fairmont Elementary. The entire school was able to participate in many different art activities with several artists from the community...decorating of a monarch butterfly and baking activity to decorate your own personal to bead a necklace or bracelet...This program is open to the public and is free of charge." -- News and Tribune, Aug. 2019.
If you are interested, reach out to the Arts Alliance at
[Image description: A crowd of children watching a presenter from the bleachers of a gym during a Playtime magic show.]
Playtime show Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana
Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana Playtime


Unstoppable is our Art on the Move program which is geared for those with a disability. We have specialized staff that work with disabled participants, no matter their age. The program is tailored to the specific needs of your audience. Below are some of our programming offerings.


Collaborative Creativity Workshops

AASI staff along with local creatives come together to bring specialized creative workshops to your school, center, or program. Together, we provide a wide array of unique creative activities from some of our region’s most talented artists, while also meeting the specific accessibility needs of your participants. 


Artful Yoga

Some of the earliest forms of art consisted of movement and dance. Yoga is not only beneficial for mental and physical health, but creative health! The Arts Alliance will work with your center to bring in a certified yoga teacher with an accessible yoga curriculum that will help with your audience’s mental and emotional wellbeing as well as foster a healthier body. 


House Call Performances

Southern Indiana is home to so many talented performers, in so many mediums. With the help of the Arts Alliance, these performers can come to you! The Arts Alliance is proud to be able to provide impactful and engaging performances to your audience, be it theatre, dance, or music.

The Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana's mission is that everyone deserves to be a part of the community regardless of one's ability.  As the conveyor of arts and culture experiences for our community, we implement programming that is all-inclusive. Many of us lack the understanding or experience needed to be welcoming to the disability community. This oftentimes results in those with disabilities being left out, feeling excluded, and isolated. The Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana wants to change that narrative. We want to work with you, to provide tailored educational experiences for your community.


For additional information:  Email us at

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[Image description: An image of children doing art.]
[Image description: An image of children interacting with someone playing a guitar.]


Golden is our Art on the Move program designed for the older members of our community. We welcome visits to nursing homes, assisted living communities, or community-based events. Our programs are fun, interactive, and lifting!
The older we get, the more things change, but that does not mean your interests in all things art and music will lessen. Instead, our interest may increase. It is especially important to keep an active mind as we enter our golden years. It is our goal at the Arts Alliance to provide the tools to meet these requirements.

Golden has been promoting and conducting unique, collaborative arts classes and workshops for seniors. We are proud to say that we currently serve residential facilities in Clark, Floyd, and Harrison Counties. Below is a partial list of the current programs that we offer.


Movement workshops

Stories in Motion combines spoken word, poetry, and dance to create a uniquely interpretive and sensorial experience for students, mixing original works created in our poetry workshops with choreography. Each poem/dance provides a catalyst for discussion: language, imagery, emotional embodiment, and physical interpretation.


The Art of Conversations

These programs offer lively interactive discussions and presentations on a range of topical issues and subjects, engaging students in the art of storytelling.


Creative Writing and Poetry workshops

The focus of these workshops is to foster both collaborative and individual writing experiences adapted to suit the needs of each group. To date, we have published seven books of original works written by our participants.

Jewelry Making, Card Making, and Photography workshops

These workshops offer seniors the opportunity to learn new creative skills across a range of visual media, in a setting tailored to each group’s specific needs.

[Image description: An image of seniors gathered around a table, working with colorful tissue paper.]
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