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corporate sponsorship


Support the Arts and Culture in your community – become a Corporate Sponsor to the Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana!

[Image description: Two people holding a large check.]
[Image description: An image of two adults and several children gathered around the AASI van. Some of the children are holding a large check.]

Partnering with the Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana, is vital to the AASI's mission to provide our community with new experiences. We also rely on the industry to help fund AASI’s programs and spread awareness about our work.



Over the years, AASI has partnered with both state and national foundations, businesses, and private donors throughout the United States. Some partners get involved with the AASI community as mentors, internship hosts, or by providing workshops about their industry/specialty. Other partners support the AASI’s programs by partnering for events, promotions, or other creative collaborations that spread awareness and gather support for the regional arts community.



If you would like to explore partnership opportunities with AASI, click below on the Corporate Sponsorship Package button. You may also reach us at or 812.949.4238.

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