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2021 Photo Biennial Starts

September 9th - November 14th 2021

2019 Photo Biennial

Saga Imagery 


Featuring Susanne and Kevin Dickman and Jake Zaepfel

Kevin Dickman is an avid outdoors-man and photographer. He has spent his entire adult life as an electrician by trade. Owning his own business has certainly kept him busy.  Over the past several years, however, he has allowed his passion for photography to move into the forefront to a much greater extent.  As a southern Indiana native, Kevin has never had to go far to capture the beauty of lakes, streams, forestry, and lush vistas.  He is also an avid birdwatcher.  One might even say he is a bit of a bird whisperer, as there never seems to be a shortage of feathered friends within the distance of his lens. 

His photography does not stop at ground level. He also captures magic from above with his drone.  His images have drawn the attention of local news channels where you may have seen them featured during the weather reports.

Some pieces are still available for purchase.