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Opening Reception - August 23rd


Meet the Artist, Thai Food and Drink,

Free to Attend

820 East Market St.

Featuring the Artworks of Tanatus Joei.


Please call me Joe or Joei . I am an easy going and joyful person or “Sa- Bai, Sa- Bai” in Thai language.


My Life as an Artist

“ Totally seeked blessings became a precious gift”

I am a resident of Chiang Mai city. North of Thailand.

I have loved art since I was a child; but, I got into a serious about art after the loss of my parents. My dad had a heart attack and stroke and suddenly died when I was only 16; and then, my mother passed away from cancer a couple years later. Afterward, I wasn’t able to continue my education because my family was very poor and therefore, I had to find work. In the early years, I was trying to get hired for day labor to support myself. I worked hard; however, I didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t me.

At this time, I was determined to attend technical drawing school at The Polytechnic Institute of Chiang Mai drawing with the advertising branch. There, I came to know a professor who saw a promising artist in me. His name is Professor Tor Som Roj (Famous Artist and Greatest Teacher in Thailand) who became my mentor and model; and my first teacher who taught me all the basics to the highest possible perfection. I finish my school within 2 years but apprenticed to him, and as I have developed, all the fundamentals were perfected and mastered. Through my apprenticeship I progressed to level of detail higher than any other artist that Professor Tor Som Roj had ever known of, over the next 4 years of learning and working under him.
Then, one-day Professor Tor Som Roj told me that I had learned everything he knew and I had developed my talent to a level far beyond his hope and expectations. And now, I needed to begin my career.

I started my first shop at the Art Galleries at the Night Plaza, Chiang Mai. I have become successful in Business and got a lot of complements from my customers. I have worked over 25 years as a professional artist; and learned to improve my skill and drawing technique over time. I have developed a style unique to myself with every piece I draw emanating from within my heart, soul and strength. I try to convey a bit of dance between my imagination and technique with the power and spirit of its own.

Not long ago, I was notice by the 2nd best Artist in the whole country of Thailand Somboon Homtianthong, who saw my work and talent; and as a result, I was selected as one of Thailand’s top 10 artists. My Art was then displayed at the biggest art festival of Thailand to the acclaim of critics. While I specialized in modern Art, portrait, landscape, and animal art using charcoal, graphite, oil and acrylics, I was very well received by everyone and won much accolades for my black and white charcoal drawings and was considered the best in this media.

I love to produce art; and work hard while enjoying my job very much. I am glad I made the decision to make art my career; and happy to be working hard toward what I love doing …

Outstanding performance and reputation
My website:
-Works of art has been exhibited at the National Art Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand, and am listed among the top 10 best artists of Thailand .... My art work is representing a new generation of artists ... In the National Exhibit, I was assigned to produce for the show black and white in charcoal.
- Works of art has been exhibited in South Africa: exhibit year 2013
Please click on the link for Sample of Africa Theme Work with Charcoal:
- I was honored to be invited, interviewed and featured for the magazine cover of Koi Magazine, the magazine issue ranked number one in Asia owing to my featured artwork. Since, I am known in the art field for my fish paintings in oil, I was chosen as the one to convey the love of fish. As I developed as an artist, I wanted to bring fish as a work of art on canvas, first person in Thailand.
- I have been invited to come to The United States to show my work and my Artistry in the Spring of 2016 for2 months by Dr.& Mrs. Robert F Moore
- I have been  invited to come to show  my work and my Artistry again in the Summer of 2018 for 3 weeks by Dr.&Mrs. Robert F Moore

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