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5/5 Adara Fox Virtual Art Show

Throughout this month, we will be digitally displaying the mixed media work of Adara Fox. As an organization, we are doing what's best for everyone's health and safety during this time, while still spreading arts and culture throughout Southern Indiana. This is why we've chosen to show this collection through a virtual art show. We know you'll enjoy Adara's lovely work!

Adara is a mixed media artist who uses symbolism and portraiture to express her personal growth.

Adara had this to say about her work:

"Can there be such a thing as a permanent work in progress? My answer to this I think is simple. I consider myself as a permanent work in progress-- I think everyone is. There's no end in sight for improvement for all of us, no matter your age. This is why I strive to better myself as an artist and as a person. Having faced depression that lasted for well over a decade, I never thought to pursue becoming an artist because I thought myself mediocre. It took so long for me to realize that art isn't something that is fixed, set in stone. It can grow with you."

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