Whimsical gnomes peek out of every branch on this wonderfully fun tree telling us all, it's the year to "stay gnome"!

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This 7.5 foot slim spruce with white lights will bring a sense of elegance to your home or office! The stunning gold and blush ornaments are complemented by gleaming ribbons that flow from top to bottom.  

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Handmade green and sparkly white ornaments saturate this tree with the colors of compassion and hope.

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Big, Bold, Beautiful, Bourbon. This tree has it all and then some, warming your holiday both inside and out.

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The true fun of Christmas climbs this tree with little elves, showing the style of smile.

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Pat Harrison

COLLECTIBLE WHITE HOUSE ORNAMENT SET! This tree tells the story of those who had lived in the White House. Each presidential ornament is unique, special, and comes with its original box full of information and stories from the presidents they represent.


It's the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!  Built out of reclaimed metal and painted, this tree is a wonderfully nostalgic Christmas staple that could even be displayed outside!


This is a DIY assemblage tree, demonstrating that we can all make the most of what we have.


Sweet handmade decorations and photos tell this trees story of bringing families home.


Purple, blue, and teal bring this peacock tree to life, topped with a tail feather to fully display its wonder.


This is a traditional tree filled with holiday sparkles and elixirs.

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Big, Bold, Beautiful. This tree will enhance your holiday experience for years to come.